Aerospace Components

RP Technologies is an experienced aerospace parts manufacturer, with a loyal base of customers in the defence, military, and commercial sectors. 

We provide a range of low-medium volume manufacturing services, including CNC machining and turning, aluminium tooling, and plastic injection moulding.

RP has combined technical expertise, stringent Quality Assurance, advanced technologies, and precise inspection and validation tools, to produce high quality, reliable parts for a variety of aerospace applications.

We are ‘Without Limits’, which means that we specialise in turning highly complex and precise designs into durable, robust, and highly functional parts. This makes us particularly well suited to the aerospace sector, where complex geometries and designs are common. 

We have worked with some of the leading airline companies in the UK and overseas, and we have been awarded several defence sector contracts.

Our Aerospace Experience

Aerospace has been a very important element of our business over the last several years. We have produced a variety of plastic injection moulded components for aircraft, spacecraft, propulsion units, and engines.

Some of our value-added secondary operations – such as insert moulding and overmoulding – have been consistently employed to good effect in our work within this particular industry.

Understanding the Aerospace Sector

The UK aerospace industry is the second largest in the world behind the United States of America (USA). 

It consists of several different areas, including commercial and defence, and it is populated by both public and private sector organisations.

Read more about the aerospace industry, and the strict legislative regulations that govern it….

What Makes RP Special

At RP Technologies, we’ve been manufacturing airline components and equipment for almost fifteen years. 

The aerospace industry is a notoriously challenging industry for manufacturers to break into. The sector remains fiercely regulated with buyers putting considerable emphasis on quality and precision.

We’ve expanded our customer base over the years by providing outstanding CNC machined parts and plastic injection moulded components, which stand up to rigorous testing and assessment.

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