Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

RP Technologies – Our Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

RP Technologies is fully committed to behaving in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

We take our social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. We understand that protecting the natural environment is a vitally important part of being a responsible business in the modern world. 

As a manufacturer, we acknowledge that we have an added level of responsibility to ensure that we are behaving correctly, and with a level of integrity and trust which our stakeholders would expect of us. That’s why we’ve been working extremely hard to ensure that we are taking all the necessary measures to ensure best environmental practice.

Company employees are made aware of our commitment to these important causes when they are inducted into the company. It’s a fast-developing area of our company culture, and one which we are constantly trying to evolve and improve. 

All employees are expected to follow our key environmental and sustainability principles. 

Let’s take a look at some of these key principles in more detail. 

RP Technologies – Environmental Sustainability – Key Principles

Employees are expected to:

  • Source key materials and supplies in a responsible manner
  • Conserve and reduce the consumption of natural resources wherever possible
  • Limit emissions, discharges, and waste
  • Recycle all suitable materials through the established channels
  • Ensure that the use of hazardous substances is carefully controlled in accordance with legal requirements, and that such materials are safely disposed of at all times
  • Carefully consider the environmental activities of all third-party companies before engaging in business activities with them
  • Assess the impact of their own behaviour and its implications for the environment
  • Fully participate in all company-based sustainability practices and initiatives
  • Fully comply with all legal, regulatory and compliance requirements

Recent Environmental Activities

In 2022, RP Technologies announced that it had partnered with MBA Polymers, a specialist plastics recycling company based in Nottinghamshire. MBA collects our plastic polymer waste, which they blend and compound into recycled polymer which can then be reused. 

Mixed material is shredded and processed in order to separate the good single grade material. Any material which can’t be separated is used as an alternative source of fuel.

In addition to these activities, we have also begun an ambitious project to recycle redundant aluminium tools which our customers no longer require. Working in conjunction with these valued clients, we have already palletised and dispatched over 200 aluminium tools for recycling. It is a project we are fully committed to seeing through until its conclusion.

Darren Withers, Director at RP Technologies, said: “RP is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental best practice. With the help of our supply chain partners, it is our hope that we can continue to improve our carbon footprint and to maintain the best possible practices in everything we do.”

Further Reading and Information:

If you would like to understand more about our environmental and sustainability principles, please take the opportunity to review some of the below documents:

If you would like to find out more, please email info@rptechnologies.co.uk

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