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Hot Plate Welding

What is Hot Plate Welding?

Hot Plate Welding is a thermal welding technique which is used for joining plastic injection moulded components together.

Here at RP Technologies, we use a hot plate welding machine for the welding of plastic injection moulded components. The machine consists of several elements, including the hot plate itself, holding fixtures, machine slides, and the control system.

Hot Plate Welding – The Process

The hot plate welding process involves using a heated metal plate to melt the surfaces of the plastic injection moulded components. The plate is then removed, and the multiple component parts are then attached together to form the weld.

The attached parts form one final assembled component, which can then be removed from the holding fixtures inside the hot plate welding machine.

Hot Plate Welding at RP Technologies

Hot plate welding is a valuable post-moulding process. It can allow for the assembly of complex parts and shapes which are common in certain industries.

At RP Technologies, we have extensive experience of hot plate welding. We have created several plastic injection moulded components over the years which have required welding.

We have welded expansion tanks, pressure vessels, condensate traps, fuel filters, water bottles, and many other types of products.

These are a set of expansion tanks which we welded for Jaguar Land Rover.

As well as automotive, we have also welded products for the aerospace, rail, electronics, and medical sectors.  

Further Information About Hot Plate Welding

If you would like to learn more about hot plate welding, or if you have a project which requires hot plate welding, please get in touch with us. You can email, or you can call +44 (0)121 550 5868.

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