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CNC Machining at RP Technologies

RP Technologies can CNC machine components in most polymers and metals.

We manufacture precision machined components for prototyping or low volume batches. Volumes start as low as 1 and can increase substantially to support product designers and engineers at the prototyping stage.

CNC machined components are ideal when product testing is required, or in circumstances where components are still going through several iterations of the design.

We have extensive experience in this area, with excellent state-of-the-art CNC machining centres, a highly competent CAD design team, and a team of vastly experienced CAM engineers.

CNC Machined Part With Complex Contours

Why RP Technologies is the Perfect Partner for Your CNC Machining Projects

By offering tooling, moulding and CNC machining under one roof, it means that we can reduce your total project costs by providing a one stop solution without the stress of sourcing multiple suppliers.

Whilst it’s true that we are usually asked to machine in aluminium, the truth is that we produce components in many different types of metals and polymers.

We can also produce CNC machined components of any type or description, but, as with everything at RP, we do like a challenge!

We dare to go where many of our competitors fear to tread!

We specialise in high complexity components, all of which are fully supported by ISIR assessments and documentation. That’s why we’re ‘Without Limits’.

Our CNC Machining Capabilities

We have our own dedicated Quality Engineering team onsite to ensure that each of our machined components are produced to the highest standards possible.

We machine up to a maximum size of 1575mm x 814mm, and we work to incredibly tight tolerances.

At RP, all of our CNC machining projects are carried out in-house. We believe in producing high quality results on time every time. That’s why we don’t outsource. We like to ensure that every job that goes through our door is done to the highest level of precision possible.

At our 25,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility here in the West Midlands, we have a dynamic team of CNC Programmers and CAM specialists. This team is growing all the time, and in 2023, we have added a further four operatives to join what was already a large team.

This increase in CNC operatives has coincided with one of our busiest periods in our CNC machining department in our entire 18-year history. Over the past twelve months, our CNC specialists have been working flat out with repeat orders from existing customers, as well as picking up several new projects from companies with whom we have never worked before.

This increased activity is a testament to the quality of our output and our ability to deliver highly complex parts within extremely competitive timeframes.

Hurco 5 Axis CNC Machine

We use the latest cutting-edge CNC machining centres from Hurco, all of which are maintained, looked after, and constantly updated on a regular basis. We have 20 CNC machines in total, 18 of which are 3-axis, and 2 which are 5-axis.

In 2023, we purchased the Hurco VMX60SRTi 5-Axis Machining Centre. This new machine was purchased to increase efficiency and improve accuracy. It is one of the most agile machines in the marketplace. It will allow us to achieve a level of precision and detail on our finished components which will impress even the most discerning customer out there.

Which Industries Use RP for CNC Machining?

We CNC machine components for prototype or for low-medium volume end component use. We have produced CNC machined parts for a range of different industries, including automotive, aerospace, rail and medical.

CNC machining is popular within these industries – as well as in many others – because of its ability to produce market-ready components in production grade materials. Parts can be produced to an extremely high level of precision, and within very tight timeframes.

Over the years, RP Technologies has produced a rich variety of CNC machined components and parts. Here are a few examples of the types of components we have produced by industry:

Medical – surgical implements, dental instruments, drug delivery systems, and self-testing kits

Automotive – exhaust parts, suspension components, bushings and valves

Aerospace – valve components, housings, cabin parts, and landing gear components

Rail – engine parts, gearbox components, pinion sets, and gear racks


Over the years, RP Technologies has cultivated an enviable customer base for CNC machining. Our list of clients includes some of the leading players in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries.

Despite this, however, we also work with small product design houses and product design engineers, helping them to get their designs made into workable concepts during the prototype stage. There’s nothing we like more than seeing a concept through from the early prototype phase to the low-medium volume production stage.

Some of our best CNC machined customers have begun their journey with RP in this way, and they are still with us today!

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RP Technologies could be your perfect partner for precision CNC machined parts in most metals and polymers.

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