Rail Parts and Components

RP Technologies has been providing bespoke, highly customised plastic injection moulding solutions to the rail industry for over a decade. 

We have manufactured a variety of internal carriage fixtures and fittings, including panels, luggage compartments, seating, dashboards, air conditioning units, and facias. 

We have specialised in producing components which are visually appealing, highly durable, and which meet critical functionality specifications, as well as industry safety regulations.

As a low-to-medium volume manufacturer, we also offer bridge tooling, serial production tooling, in-house design support, engineering grade polymers, and DFM feedback. 

Our Rail Experience

We have manufactured aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded components for our many rail industry customers both in the UK and overseas.

We’ve made components for regional and national trains, trams, subways, and freight/commercial trains. 

We have strong experience in this sector and we’re actively looking to build our customer base. 

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Understanding the Rail Sector

The rail sector is a huge part of the UK economy, which generates billions of pounds of revenue per year, and which benefits from a huge amount of government funding.

For manufacturers, the opportunities are plentiful. There is a large supply chain of companies who produce components and equipment for this sector, and with spending increasing every year, there appears to be more than enough demand for everyone.

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What Makes RP Special

RP Technologies is an experienced manufacturer of plastic injection moulded components for the rail industry. 

We have produced components, equipment, and accessories to this industry for several years. 

We’re ‘Without Limits,’ which means that no project is too complex.

We specialise in fast turnarounds, and we offer a full and comprehensive Quality Engineering service, so customers can be sure that their parts meet industry regulations and requirements.

Rail Sector Case Studies

RP Technologies has been manufacturing aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded components for the rail sector for over ten years.

During this time, we’ve completed some very interesting projects, many of which have presented their own particular set of challenges.

Our case studies showcase some of the more complex low-medium volume projects we’ve completed, giving an insight into how we achieved such spectacular results.

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