Corporate Social Responsibility

As a modern company with local, national, and international customers, RP Technologies recognises that it has a responsibility to behave in an ethical, sustainable, and fair manner.

We also recognise that we do not just serve our customers, but also our employees, supply chain partners, and wider publics.

We take all necessary actions and steps to ensure that we position good corporate practice and governance alongside our business and financial objectives.

We believe in treating people fairly and honestly, and with dignity and respect.

We support community projects and initiatives, and we take extra care to ensure that our behaviour is in accordance with good corporate standards.

We believe in training our staff fully and promoting from within. We provide an excellent working environment, which is clean, healthy, fully supportive, and rewarding.

We have very low levels of staff turnover, as well as a significant amount of repeat custom from clients, many of whom have done business with us for over a decade.


As a manufacturer of aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded components, RP Technologies recognises that it has a responsibility to behave in an environmentally sustainable manner.

This is a fast-developing area of our corporate agenda, and one which has seen us make firm commitments to several sustainable activities in recent times.


We have an experienced team of toolmakers, CNC machinists, and plastic injection moulding technicians. This experience enables us to offer the best possible level of excellence in the quality of the work we produce.

But we also believe in supporting the next generation of manufacturing professionals. Our apprenticeships and work experience placements provide opportunities to young people to break into the sector, and to gain experience from one of the UK’s leading toolmakers and plastic injection moulding companies.


At RP, we try to make a difference wherever we can.

We believe in supporting causes that are close to our heart.

We also believe in raising money for good causes so that we can give something back.

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