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Insert Moulding

What is Insert Moulding?

Insert moulding is the process by which metals are moulded with plastic components to form a single moulded part. 

RP Technologies has employed insert moulding on many of its plastic injection moulding projects to build added strength into components which require increased durability. 

At RP, insert moulding and injection moulding are a single, integrated process which can both be done under one roof without our customers having to go the trouble of sourcing multiple suppliers.

Plastic Component Insert Moulding
Insert Moulding

Benefits of Insert Moulding

Design flexibility: insert moulding allows designers to create whatever shape they desire.

Reduced assembly and resource costs: insert moulding combines several elements in one process, making the overall costs less. 

Increased component durability: the insert is firmly held in plastic before cooling and setting, resulting in increased resistance.

Used with a variety of materials: thermoplastics are often employed, but many different types of plastic resins can be utilised.

Reduced size and weight of final component: because the inserts are integrated into the part, there is no requirement for fasteners or connectors.

Types of Inserts

It is important to pick the correct type of threaded insert to achieve the optimum amount of strength and functionality required for the particular component in question.

We always give full consideration to the end user application of each component before we suggest which threaded insert would be most appropriate.

Inserts can be magnets, screws, pins, bushings, studs, contacts, journal bearings, tubes, spring contacts, and threaded fasteners.

Plastic Component With Insert Mouldings
Plastic Injection Part Insert Moulding

Applications for Insert Moulding

Insert moulding is commonly used in many different industries, but it is often utilised in the medical, automotive, consumer products and electronics components sectors. 

We have produced insert moulded plastic components for customers in each of these separate industries. 

Typical products which benefit from the incorporation of inserts into plastic components include:

  • Electrical appliances, such as knobs for appliances
  • Electronic devices, such as power drills and plugs
  • Military equipment, such as portable radios
  • Medical parts, such as camera equipment, cables and wiring
  • Automotive components, such as electrical sensors, gears and pedals

If you would like more information on insert moulding, or if you have a project which may require inserts, please email, or call +44 (0) 121 550 5868.

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