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Resources is a useful place to find out more about what’s going on at RP Technologies.

Here, you will have in-depth access to a wide variety of materials which will give you a better understanding of the aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulding industry, as well as help you to understand what we do and why we are so well thought of within our industry.

Aluminium Tool for Rapid Prototyping
RP’s audio-visual resource centre with our corporate and production video material.
Plastic Injection Moulded Electronic Component
We think we’re pretty good here at RP. But don’t take our word for it. Read what our customers have to say about us.
CNC Machine Cutting Aluminium Workpiece
Take a look at some of the aluminium tooling, plastic injection mouldings, and CNC machined parts we’ve created over the years.
Plastic Injection Moulded Medical Component
A great resource for technical information, industry insights, hot topics, and case studies.
Prototype Injection Mould Aluminium Tooling
Find out more about what’s going on at RP with a look at our company news.
Plastic Injection Moulded Rapid Prototypes
Our brochures, CSR policies, health and safety documentation, and ISO accreditation are all available here for download.
Aluminium Injection Mould Tool
Can’t find an answer to a question that’s nagging you? Check out our FAQs to see if somebody else has already asked us.
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