Raising Money for Good Causes

RP Technologies has been actively contributing to charitable causes and grassroots community-based initiatives for many years. 

We’re a local business with a local workforce. RP was founded by four people from the local Black Country area. We are always keen to contribute to ethical projects which improve the quality of life for people in the region, and which raise awareness of important issues. 

And it’s not just local causes. We have also participated in nationwide events in order to either raise funds or increase the profile of a number of significant causes.

As part of our wider Corporate Social Responsibility, we are passionate about behaving in an ethical, fair, and inclusive manner.

We’ve been a successful company for many years now. But, despite this success, we have never forgotten our values. We recognise that this increased level of success brings with it an added sense of responsibility for us to lead the way on important issues.

Our customers expect it of us, and we expect it of ourselves. 

That’s why we always try to give a little bit back wherever we can.

We hope that the activities which we have participated in over the years, and which we remain fully committed to in the future, have helped to enrich and improve the lives of those whom they were intended to help.

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