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The #1 Choice for Product Designers

RP Technologies, based in the West Midlands, manufactures aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulding, and CNC machined components and parts in most metals and polymers.

Proud to be a British manufacturer, we specialise in low-to-medium volume rapid prototyping and production from our purpose-built 25,000 sq. ft. facility in Kingswinford.

Our ‘Without Limits’ philosophy sets us apart from our competitors. Put simply, it means that we work in close partnership with our customers to provide the right solution, no matter how complex the component design. We manufacture exactly what our clients have requested – no time-consuming or costly design changes, just a simple solution that works.

It’s why we’re the #1 choice for many product designers and product engineers.

It’s also why we’ve won many lucrative projects from under the noses of our competitors.

For us, it’s all about people. From our dedicated team to our trusted supplier network, we work with our customers to ensure that they receive competitively priced, high quality aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded components within quick lead times.

Company Overview

RP Technologies is a UK leading manufacturer of aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulded components, and CNC machined parts.

We specialise in low-medium plastic injection mouldings for prototype, pre-production, and production volumes. 

Our “Without Limits” philosophy makes us a little bit special. It’s something our competitors don’t have. 

Put simply, it means that we have a real talent for handling challenging projects which require precision engineering from complex designs.

Company History

RP Technologies was founded in 2005 by two husband-and-wife-teams, Darren and Lisa Withers, and Brett and Jane Mitchell.

Since then, the company has evolved from being a small start-up here in the West Midlands to a thriving business with an international customer base. 

From its humble beginnings, the company is now a market leader in the supply of aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulded components, CNC machined parts, and rapid prototyping.

RP Management Team

The RP management team has grown and evolved over the years, always keeping up with the fast-moving industry that we’re in, whilst at the same time maintaining consistent leadership throughout. 

The team of directors is now made up of husband-and-wife-team, Darren and Lisa Withers, with one of our longest-serving employees, Russell Hopkins, now occupying the position of General Manager.

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Award-winning aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulding, CNC machining, and rapid prototyping. We specialise in fast turnarounds of high quality components.

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