Large Aluminium Tool with Detailed Patterning
Anti-Air Pollution Face Mask
Spark Erosion Process with Dielectric Fluid
Small Grey Plastic Injection Moulding
Probe Head Measuring Aluminium Tool

Aluminium Tooling

RP Technologies is the UK’s leading manufacturer of complex aluminium injection mould tooling to support prototype, pre-production, and production volumes of plastic injection moulded components.

Through precision engineering, and utilising some of the most skilled toolmakers in the industry, we provide fast turnaround of mould tooling for low-medium volume production from our UK manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.

Aluminium Tooling, Plastic Injection Moulding and CNC Machining

Check out our New Sub-Contract CMM Inspection and Measurement Service, launched March 2024.

It’s the latest service being offered by our Quality Engineering department.

Read more on our CMM Inspection page.

Welcome to RP Technologies.

Award-winning aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulding, CNC machining, and rapid prototyping. 

We are ‘Without Limits’, meaning we can handle any project no matter how complex. We supply companies of all sizes and types, both in the UK and in overseas markets.

We’re your ideal manufacturing partner for low-medium volume prototype, pre-production, and production components.

Fast Tactics.
Fast Plastics.

RP Rapid is a new fast turnaround service which offers aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded parts in as little as 7 business days.

Ideal for rapid prototyping and low-medium volume production components.

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Award-winning aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulding, CNC machining, and rapid prototyping. We specialise in fast turnarounds of high quality components.

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