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Fast Turnaround Aluminium Tooling and Injection Moulded Parts

RP Rapid is a fast turnaround service which supplies aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded parts in as little as 7 business days.

Launched in May 2022, RP Rapid is ideal for customers who need tooling and parts quickly.

As with RP Technologies, RP Rapid supports prototype, pre-production, and production volumes. All work is completed in-house at our 25,000 sq. foot production facility. Ownership of the tool belongs to you, our customer, and repeat parts can be produced at a later stage should you require them.

Plastic Moulded Part

In a short space of time, we have developed a strong customer base for our Rapid service across multiple business sectors, including medicalautomotive, and aerospace. Many of these customers have been quick to follow up their first orders with repeat orders. This is due to the quality of the tooling and parts we have produced, and the fact that we have never missed a Rapid deadline.

The service has also been taken up by several product design agencies and new product development companies.

So, if your back is to the wall and you find yourself needing tooling and plastic parts in double quick time, RP Rapid could be just the solution you’re looking for. 

Complex Plastic Moulded Component

Here are our Rapid Rules:

  • Stock or customer supplied materials
  • 1 slider only and hook out – 10 business days turnaround
  • 1mm rad limit
  • Sliders – 10 business days turnaround
  • 1000 parts guarantee for each tool
  • Maximum number of samples: 100 T-zero
  • Any orders received after 3pm will roll into the next business day
  • Time begins when at least final CAD design and purchase order are received
  • Timeframes do not include shipping

What to Do Next

If you need aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded parts in Rapid time, we’d be very interested in discussing your project with you.

You can call us on +44 (0) 121 550 5868, or, alternatively, you can email info@rptechnologies.co.uk.  

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