RP Difference

Our Values and Philosophy

Our ‘Without Limits’ philosophy sets us apart from our competitors.

The truth is we’ll build tools and manufacture plastic injection moulded components of all types, simple or complex. But our ‘Without Limits’ philosophy means that we’re particularly adept at tackling the projects that some of competitors shy away from. We’ll provide a solution to meet your needs no matter how complex the component design or process. 

We specialise in precision engineering, often creating tools which have complex contours and challenging geometries. Our tools are robust and are made to last. They stand up to repeat runs of plastic injection moulded components that are strong, durable, and aesthetically impressive.

But that’s not all. We’re also “Partners not Suppliers”. We favour collaboration and open dialogue with our customers. We want to keep you fully informed throughout the process, with open lines of communication and a steady flow of information.

This is who we are. 

These are our values. 

This is the RP Difference.

Without Limits

RP Technologies is the only “Without Limits” company in our industry.

We love nothing more than tackling complex designs.

Whilst its true that we’re just as happy taking on simple projects, we do have to admit that we have a special talent for precision engineering. 

So, if you’re looking for complex aluminium tooling, plastic injection mouldings, or CNC machined parts, we could be the ideal solution for you.

Partners Not Suppliers

Collaboration is key to everything we do here at RP.

We lead every project from the front. But we also support our customers along the way.

We inform and engage. We believe in keeping our customers up to speed at all times, so that they’re never left out of the loop. We do this through open dialogue and shared communication.

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