Electronic Devices and Components

Electronic components are some of the more challenging plastic injection moulded parts out there. The industry is subject to strict regulation and the process itself encompasses many different stages and techniques.

We have extensive experience of moulding electronic components for prototype and low-to-medium volume production. We understand the challenges and complex nature of the electronics marketplace, and we work with our customers, as ‘Partners Not Suppliers’, to produce components that are robust, reliable, and high quality.

We’re well respected by product designers and electronics engineers due to our expertise, our willingness to go the extra mile, and the high quality aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded components which we produce. 

Our Electronics Experience

We’ve been partnering with electronics engineers for years. We’ve helped to manufacture a variety of components and equipment, including fuse boxes, terminal housings, sensors, electrical relays, and phone cables.

As experts in insert moulding, we always find the solution, no matter how complex the design. That’s why we’re ‘Without Limits.’

Our plastic injection moulded electronic components have also been used in other associated industries, such as telecommunications, civil engineering, and automotive.

Understanding the Electronics Sector

The electronics sector is one of the most buoyant markets within the overall UK manufacturing industry.

Over the last few years, the electronics industry has experienced the fastest growth of any manufacturing sector.

As we become more technologically dependent, this marketplace represents a considerable opportunity for manufacturers in the years ahead.

What Makes RP Special

RP Technologies has produced a range of electronic components, devices, products, and equipment. 

These items have been used across a number of key industries, including telecommunications, IT and technology, and consumer product development.

As insert moulding and overmoulding experts, we specialise in the manufacture of complex plastic injection moulded components for the electronics industry. 

Our considerable experience within this sector, combined with our many value-added secondary operations, provide customers with a hassle-free, single source, one-stop manufacturing solution.

Electronics Sector Case Studies

The Electronics industry is one of the more complex industries when it comes to manufacturing.

Some of the aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulded components we’ve manufactured for our electronics customers have been extremely challenging.

But, as we know only too well here at RP, some of the most complex projects also produce some of the most fascinating results.

Take a look at our case studies to gain a better insight into our work in this sector…..

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