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Blue Plastic Injection Moulded Electronic Component

We support prototype and low-medium volume production of various electronic components. These plastic injection moulded parts often have wide-ranging applications. 

We’ve produced fuse boxes, terminal housings, enclosures, electrical connectors, kettle controls, casings, and small domestic appliance equipment. 

We’ve also manufactured electrical tool housings, mobile phone covers and components, computer boards and housings, motor housings, sensors, electrical relays and switches, phone cables, fire detection systems, and temperature control units.  

These parts can be highly complex and can also contain intricate mouldings and metal parts. 

But that’s no problem for RP. We’re ‘Without Limits’, which means that we specialise in the complex. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t insist on expensive and time-consuming design changes. We build products to your exact specification and instruction. 

It’s quite simple: we build the components you want, exactly how you’ve requested them.  

We’re also specialists when it comes to insert moulding and over moulding, and we have frequently employed these value-added operations for the manufacture of several plastic injection moulded electronic components, including electrical terminals, coils, and plug casings.

Our loyal customers include Ted Engineering, Hawkins Electrical, Cable Detection, and Resilience Communications. 


The electronic components which we produce are also used in many other associated industries, including telecommunications, civil engineering, and automotive.

Our rapid prototyping service, RP Rapid, which enables the fast turnaround of production volumes of plastic injection moulded components in as little as 7 business days, is especially popular with some of our existing customers within the electronic components sector. It is ideal for customers who find themselves needing high quality parts quickly.

We understand the many regulations which exist within this sector when it comes to new product development. We can be trusted to be your reliable, credible, and expert manufacturing partner for electronic components of all types and varieties.

Orange Plastic Injection Moulding for the Electronics Sector
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