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Manufacturing Electronics Components

Plastic Injection Moulding Housing Unit

RP Technologies has produced a range of electronic devices, products, components, and equipment for some of the biggest players in the UK electronics sector.

The electronic components which we’ve manufactured have been used across many different sectors, such as in telecommunications, engineering, IT and technology, and consumer product development.

We have strong expertise when it comes to manufacturing complex aluminium injection mould tooling to produce intricate plastic injection moulded components.

Electronics components are sometimes complex in their design. But this doesn’t scare us.

We’re ‘Without Limits,’ which means that we take the complex and make it look easy. We manufacture whatever has been designed – no changes, just a simple solution that works.

Our value-added secondary operations, such as insert moulding and over moulding, have been widely employed in the manufacture of electronic components. We offer a single source, one-stop-shop solution, so that these complex components can be created completely under one roof. This has cost and time-saving benefits for the customer, who doesn’t have to waste their time sourcing multiple manufacturing partners for one project.

We’ve created all kinds of electronic components and devices over the years. Here’s a few that spring to mind….

  • Computer housings
  • Mobile phone cases and accessories
  • Key fobs for automotive applications
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Fuse boxes, switches, and cable box units
  • Self-testing medical equipment
  • Adaptors
  • Cable and wire insulation
  • Vacuum parts and accessories
Plastic Injection Moulding Lighting Product

As “Partners Not Suppliers”, we enjoy taking a collaborative approach to the work we do. We want to provide a high level of expertise, advise, and customer service to each of our customers every time when we embark upon a new aluminium tooling or plastic injection moulded project.

We want customers to feel fully supported from start to finish. We have clear lines of dialogue, and we’re an open book in everything that we do.

Nothing makes us more happy than a job well done.

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