What Makes RP Special

RP Technologies has been manufacturing parts and components for the rail industry for almost a decade.

We produce high quality aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulded components, CNC machined parts, and rapid prototyping, and we specialise in fast turnarounds.

Unlike many of our competitors, we’re ‘Without Limits.’ This means that we specialise in the complex. We don’t ask customers to change their design plans to make our lives easier. We simply take their designs and find an easy solution to a complex challenge.

Plastic Component With Surface Finishing

We find that this saves our customers both time and money. It also means that we create the component which they’ve requested, without compromises and without cutting corners.

We understand the rail sector very well. We recognise the importance of producing plastic parts and components which are robust, durable, safe, and sustainable. 

We have used a variety of plastic polymer materials for prototype and for low-medium volume production runs. These include ABS, Polypropylene, Acetal, HDPE, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, and PVC. 

We have expert plastic injection moulding technicians who can advise on the best grade of plastic polymer material for any given project.

We work with grades of material which meet vehicle flammability standards, and which comply fully with rail industry regulations. We also offer grades which have specialist characteristics, such as:

  • Weatherable grades
  • Fuel, lubricant, and chemical resistant grades
  • Grades with noise insulating capabilities
  • Temperature resistant grades

We also have a team of highly experienced toolmakers who are expert in the creation of complex aluminium injection mould tooling.

Over the years, we’ve created more than 2000 aluminium tools from our purpose-built 25,000 sq. ft. production facility here in the West Midlands. Each of these tools has produced high quality, repeatable components. 

Our tools stand up to multiple production runs over many years, with the integrity and quality of the final plastic injection moulded components remaining intact.

Some of the plastic injection moulded components we have produced for the rail industry include covers, armrests, panels, guards, tray tables, internal fixtures, wall components, lighting equipment covers, and instrument panels.

Complex Plastic Part for Automotive

We also CNC machine parts for the rail industry. We work with most metals and plastic polymers, and we specialise in low volumes. This allows us to maintain accuracy and to achieve tight tolerances, which are of paramount importance in the rail sector.

Every project which we undertake comes with fully supported ISIR documentation and is subject to rigorous testing and analysis by our experienced Quality and Accreditation professionals. 

Parts and components are only dispatched to customers once this process has been fully and satisfactorily concluded.

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