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Plastic Injection Moulding Complex Design

The aerospace sector is a huge, dynamic industry. It is made up of many different areas – also known as sub-markets or sub-sectors – such as commercial, defence, space, and general aviation.

The UK aerospace sector is the second largest in the world behind the United States of America (USA).

It won’t come as a surprise to many to learn that it is also one of the most fiercely regulated sectors out there. 

In large part this is due to the risk involved with air travel, and the importance placed on ensuring the safety of the cargo on board, both in human and commercial terms.


Product engineers who are charged with the responsibility of designing components for use in aircraft or other aerospace applications are tasked with ensuring that the products which are ultimately created are safe, durable, functional, and resistant enough to stand up to repeat use without breaking down.

And the responsibility for all this falls on manufacturers like RP to get things right.

It is imperative to ensure that full quality testing and analysis of all components is carried out rigorously, in order to ensure the full integrity and robustness of the final plastic parts.

Plastic Moulding Complex Pattern

In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis within the sector on using production materials which are durable but also lightweight. Clearly these materials need to be reliable, but they also need to be increasingly efficient when it comes to weight, and the implications that aircraft components can have for overall fuel economy.

At RP Technologies, we work with leading commercial and private airlines, defence aircraft contractors, and Tier 1 manufacturers who supply into these companies. We have also worked with the Ministry of Defence, as well as several other organisations who supply aerospace components for military or defence purposes.

We have a well-integrated supply chain, and we are fully compliant with EU regulations and standards.

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