What is Aluminium Tooling?

Understanding Aluminium Tooling

Defining Aluminium Tooling

Aluminium tooling refers to the process of using aluminium as a material to create various types of tools, moulds, or prototypes. This method involves using aluminium alloys, which are known for their lightweight, durability, and excellent thermal conductivity.

Aluminium tooling is commonly used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, and consumer goods manufacturing.

Aluminium tooling has several advantages over traditional tooling methods that use materials like steel or iron. These advantages include faster production times due to the lightweight nature of aluminium, cost-effectiveness in terms of material and machining costs, improved cooling properties for better heat management, and high dimensional stability.

Aluminium tooling is particularly suitable for low to medium volume production runs, as it offers a faster turnaround time compared to other tooling materials. It also enables the production of intricate and complex designs with high precision.

Additionally, aluminium tooling allows for easier modifications during the production process, as the material is easier to machine and modify compared to other tooling materials.

Overall, aluminium tooling offers a versatile and efficient solution for creating tools, moulds, and prototypes in various industries, combining lightweight properties, cost-effectiveness, and excellent performance.

Aluminium Tooling at RP Technologies

RP Technologies provides aluminium injection mould tooling to support prototype, pre-production and production volumes of plastic injection moulded components. 

We have manufactured well over 2000 separate tools for customers in many different industries, including medical, automotive, aerospace, rail and electronics.

We have a reputation within our industry for being a toolmaker who produces robust technical tooling which is built to last, and which enables the subsequent production of high quality plastic injection moulded components.

We’re also ‘Without Limits.’ This means that we specialise in producing tooling which has a high degree of complexity. We do not change the original design intent, like some of our competitors – we stay faithful to the product designer’s vision and produce a tool which will meet the specific requirements of the final component. 

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We have some of the best professional toolmakers in the industry, each of whom fully support every project from initial conception through to the manufacture of the completed tool. 

We have CAD engineers who produce the design for the tool for each project. We have a skilled team of toolmakers, who have great experience and expertise in the manufacture of a variety of different tooling of all shapes, sizes, and specifications. We have a team of experienced CAM engineers, who use the latest Hurco CNC technology to precision machine metals and plastics to make complex shapes and contours. 

We also have our own qualified onsite EDM Engineer for those intricate jobs that require a high level of detail and precision. We use the latest cutting-edge Sodick spark erosion machinery to directly machine metal to very tight tolerances and to high levels of accuracy.

Each of our tools are supported by the RP Technologies Lifetime Guarantee. This means that we will maintain and service the tool over time to ensure that it continues to produce parts. We will also store the tool at no extra cost in our secure storage facility. The tool can then be easily accessed for repeat production runs of plastic injection moulded components.


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