Staff Training and Continued Professional Development


Upskilling our Manufacturing Team

Staff training and continued professional development is of the utmost importance to RP Technologies.

We are committed to ensuring that our employees have the best possible skills to excel in everything they do.

As part of this commitment, the company has recently invested in the training and development of a key member of its team.

Garry Duffield, who has been with RP for seven years this month, has recently been promoted to the position of EDM Engineer.

Garry, who was previously part of our tooling and benching department, undertook several months of intensive onsite and external training at Sodick, the supplier of our equipment.

Having completed his training, Gary is now well-versed in the practice of spark erosion, which is a critical part of what we do here at RP.

This is a service that few of our competitors offer in the fast turnaround of aluminium tooling. Instead, they may ask the customer to change design features to enable them to be machined in place. However, this isn’t always possible, as it pushes the design away from intent and causes the design engineer untold problems and delays in timelines for projects.

Having Garry fully trained means that we can provide the highest possible standard of service. It also ensures that our customers are receiving the most expert care and advice for the entire project lifecycle.

Well done, Garry! Keep up the good work.

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