RP Teams Up With MBA Polymers

As a specialist supplier of aluminium tooling and injection moulding services, RP Technologies, like most manufacturers, gets through a lot of production-based materials.

RP recognises that as a manufacturer we have a responsibility to ensure that we are adhering to the highest possible standards of environmental efficacy.

Therefore, RP is proud to announce that it has partnered with MBA Polymers, a specialist plastics recycling company based in Nottinghamshire.

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MBA has several branches, including in Birmingham, where our plastic goes initially. Here, it is batched up with similar materials and reduced in size to 10mm chips. Depending on the material, this plastic is then sent to either the Worksop or Dover depots, where it is blended and compounded into recycled polymer which can then be reused.

Mixed material is shredded and processed in order to separate the good single grade material. Any material which can’t be separated is used as an alternative source of fuel.

Paul Roe, Director at RP, said:

“RP is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental best practice.

In addition to plastics, we have also begun an ambitious project to recycle redundant tools which our customers no longer require. Working in conjunction with our clients, we have already palletised and dispatched approximately 150 aluminium tools for recycling.

With the help of our supply chain partners, it is our hope that we can continue to improve our carbon footprint and to maintain the best possible practices in everything that we do.”

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