Plastic Injection Moulding Finishes

Types of Plastic Injection Moulding Finishes

There are a variety of plastic injection moulding finishes that can be applied to a manufactured component. Often, no finish will be required at all. But, in certain circumstances, a plastic injection moulded part may require some type of finishing option before it is delivered to a customer. 

Here at RP Technologies, we provide several high-quality finishing options, all of which can enhance the standard of the component and help to give it many additional benefits. 

Some finishing options will improve the aesthetic appearance of a product. Other finishes will increase the strength of a plastic injection moulded component, making it more durable and robust. Other finishes can be employed to offer customisation and corporate branding.

Additional benefits of textured finishes include:

  • Plastic parts can be made easier to hold and grip
  • Provide ergonomic and functional improvements to the part
  • Hide parting lines
Plastic Moulding With Finish
Plastic Moulding High Polish Finish

The type of finish that should be applied to a final component will depend upon the intended uses of the product and its end application. We can help you to decide what type of finish may be appropriate, and we can talk you through our extensive range of post-processing options. 

Here are some of the most popular finishing options currently available at RP Technologies:

  • Non-cosmetic finishes, produced to RP Technologies’ judgement
  • 240 cutter marks removed commercial polish
  • Semi-finish and matte finish
  • 600 grit stone
  • 600 grit paper
  • Bead blast finish
  • VDI finish, produced with EDM Engineering capabilities
  • High Polish
  • External texturing and graining
  • Customised, branded finishes

For more information on plastic injection moulding finishes, take a look in our Knowledge Hub at our technical article, ‘Surface Finish for Injection Moulded Parts.’

This article looks in detail at the various types of plastic injection moulding finishes which are available. It also examines the reasons why these finishes might be necessary, and it investigates how these plastic injection moulding finishes are achieved.

Our technical article, ‘Corporate Branding for Injection Moulded Parts,’ discusses the aesthetic and functional values of branding plastic parts with a company name, logo, or slogan. This article looks in detail at how this is achieved, examining the design considerations that must be factored into this process. It also explores the value – commercial and otherwise – of this type of finishing option, as well as considering the potential issue of this type of plastic injection moulding finish.

Need a Plastic Injection Moulding Finish?

If you’re about to embark on the manufacture of an injection moulded part which requires a particular finish, and you’d like some expert advice on how to go about it, please contact us today.

We’d be happy to discuss the potential options available to you, and to advise you on how to achieve the finish you’d like.

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