Our Medical Experience

RP Technologies has produced many prototypes for product designers and product engineers in the medical device sector.

We have extensive experience of working with product developers to ensure that new-to-market products and components are produced to optimum functionality, appearance, and performance. We are the ideal manufacturing partner for products which require market testing before full commercial roll out.

But we don’t just do prototypes.

Airhead Anti-Pollution Mask

Our full suite of aluminium tooling, plastic injection moulding and CNC machining services is also ideal for production volumes of market-ready components. We have supported many large, medium, and small enterprises with low-medium volume production of medical devices, equipment, and parts within very fast timeframes. 

Some of the devices we have produced include surgical instruments, drug delivery systems, housing for diagnostic & monitoring apparatus, single use medical devices and prosthetics. 


We even played a big role in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. We were key contributors to the global effort, positioning ourselves at the forefront of the manufacturing sector in the UK by producing significant volumes of self-testing apparatus and equipment.

RP has a strong network of material suppliers who source medical grade polymers, including FDA approved grades. We can also process materials which are supplied by the customer.

If you have an interest in either designing, manufacturing or marketing medical device products for the medical sector, you may find our technical article on ‘Injection Moulding for the Medical Device Sector’ particularly interesting.

In this article, we discuss the role that injection moulding has played in the medical device industry, tracing its history back to the 1940s right up to the present day. We also examine the advantages of using injection moulding when manufacturing medical devices, and we profile the particular types of products which are typically made using this manufacturing method, including items as diverse as syringes, dental devices, and drug delivery systems.

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Are you looking to begin an injection moulding product for the medical industry and need to get it off the ground?

Perhaps you have an important and innovative product design that you are trying to get manufactured for the medical sector.

If so, we could be your ideal manufacturing partner.

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