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Manufacturing Automotive Parts

RP Technologies has been manufacturing low-medium volume prototype, pre-production, and production components for automotive applications for over 15 years.

Our aluminium tooling and plastic injection moulding services are some of the very best in the manufacturing sector, and each project is carried out by toolmakers and moulding engineers who have extensive experience and understanding of the automotive industry. Indeed, many of our operatives have worked in frontline automotive production previously.  

Our loyal customer base has grown considerably over the years and consists of several high-profile household names, including Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, and Morgan Motor Company.

We receive a lot of repeat business from these market leaders because they know they can trust us to produce high quality tooling and injection moulded parts within short timeframes. They also recognise that as ‘Without Limits’ suppliers we can faithfully manufacture complex precision components which are true to the original product designs. 

We also produce parts for intermediaries in the automotive supply chain, many of whom supply our components direct to some of the largest, most well-known automotive brands in the world.

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We have manufactured a variety of automotive components over the years, including radiator header tanks, gaskets, exhaust finishers, grill vents, brake scoops, expansion tanks, pickup pipes, and underbody components such as fuel connectors.

We were recently asked to manufacture the rear lenses for the New Range Rover 2022.

We have also collaborated with multiple Formula 1 Racing Teams to provide highly secretive, increasingly specialised parts for racing car applications. One such project saw us support the McClaren Formula 1 Team by manufacturing CNC machined parts from solid.  

We provide an extensive range of post-production Quality Engineering services specifically for the automotive sector. We offer full CMM capability through to PPAP Level 3, including:

  • Process FMEA
  • Measurement Systems Analysis Studies
  • Dimension Reports
  • Sample Product Parts
  • IMDS Data
  • PPAP Warrant
  • SPC

We have also recently launched a new sub-contract CMM measurement and inspection service for companies who have had tooling and parts manufactured by third-party suppliers. More information on this service can be found on our Sub-Contract CMM Inspection page.

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