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Training Keeps RP Technologies Top of Their Game

Manufacturing aluminium mould tools and plastic injection moulded parts from our UK based facility in Kingswinford, we heavily rely on our team of experienced workforce to supply high quality mouldings to our customers.

Within the toolmaking and plastics industries there is a huge skills shortage so it’s imperative that RP train and develop our employees both in-house and with external training courses. This not only helps to close the skills gap but it also ensures that our team is the best it can possibly be, resulting in customers receiving the highest standard of components.

RP Technologies partner with a local polymer training company, The Polymer Training and Innovation Centre (PTIC) for our plastic training requirements. PTIC are a technical training and consultancy business that is owned by City of Wolverhampton College who specialise in the provision of injection moulding training including technical training, troubleshooting and skills gap analysis. Blending theoretical tuition with practical activity at their purpose built training and trials facility ensures that maximum knowledge transfer between tutor and delegate is achieved.

RP Technologies recently sent two of our Trainee Moulding Technicians, Luke and Martin on the Injection Moulding Technology Part 2 (IMT2) course which is designed to introduce candidates to the fundamental principles associated with operating an injection moulding machine. The course is a blend of theory and practical application sessions and provides a good understanding of the injection moulding process and associated working practices.

On completion of the course Luke and Martin can now identify process hazards, start up and shut down an injection moulding machine safely and efficiently, detail the construction, control and operate an injection moulding machine, recognise common moulding problems, suggest remedial actions and state common quality systems, techniques and quality requirements associated with the injection moulding process.

Luke commented that the learning environment at PTIC was excellent and the tutors were extremely approachable. With the knowledge, he’s gained he’ll be able to apply it to his everyday work to help with troubleshooting and ensure he performs tasks safely.

Martin really enjoyed both the practical and theory sides of the training and said the most important thing he learnt is how to make a stable process, how to surpass any problems that arise and understand why problems occur.

Both Luke and Martin said the training has greatly helped their future development in becoming Moulding Technicians and they’re looking forward to practising and further developing their new skills in house and with future training opportunities at PTIC.

In the future RP plan to continue Luke and Martin’s development with the IMT3 training course which provides delegates with an in-depth knowledge of the injection moulding process to competently and safely set up a range of moulding machines to achieve a specified product quality and output rate. After completion of this training their role will also involve some customer facing aspect as they’ll be able to receive customers when they’re on site for tool-trials.

Training and developing employees increases job satisfaction, morale and motivation ensuring RP have a satisfied workforce. It also increases efficiency in processes, which in turn increases capacity and ensures our business continues to grow and reach targets.

For further information about PTIC visit or call them on 01952 610101.

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