No Mountain Too High for RP


RP Technologies Team Tackles Ben Nevis

Over the weekend, 8 of our guys headed up to Scotland to tackle Ben Nevis!

By specialising in complex toolmaking and injection moulding, we’re used to impossible challenges. That’s why we’re ‘Without Limits.’

But when somebody suggested we spend our weekend climbing Ben Nevis, to many of us it seemed like the impossible challenge.

But, despite lots of aching legs and sore feet, not to mention a fair amount of moaning along the way, the team had a fantastic time.

There were a few people hobbling around our manufacturing facility when Monday morning arrived, and more than a few grumbles to be heard about this ache here and that pain there.

In fact, our First Aiders have never been so busy, dispensing plasters like they’ve gone out of fashion!

But, in all seriousness, we’d like to commend all the guys who took part on their efforts. It took a Herculean effort, but it’s something which they can be proud of.

Well done, guys! Next year, Everest!

To view the pictures please head to our Facebook Page.

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