Sodick Spark Erosion Machine


New Spark Erosion Machine Adds to Our Capabilities

As part of our ongoing investment and expansion, we have purchased another impressive machine; the Sodick AD55L CNC Spark Erosion machine with 6 stage tool change facility.

What is Spark Erosion?

Spark Erosion is a method used when machining challenging tooling with intricate detail. As toolmakers we always try to achieve what the client requires with regard to the part form and not change the part to fit in with our manufacturing process. We believe this philosophy makes us stand out from our competitors.

The spark erosion process involves both the work piece (the male form) and the tool (the female form) being connected to a direct current; this provides a constant spark between the two. The area where the spark contacts the surface of the work piece is heated to an extremely high temperature. The molten metal on the surface of the work piece evaporates creating a minute crater. Continual discharge creates multiple craters, constantly eroding the work piece to the desired finish which can be controlled within a very precise envelope.

The work piece and the electrode are divided by a gap which is filled with a synthetic insulating fluid. The liquid allows for the eroded debris to be flushed away from the work area. The synthetic fluid is also used to control the temperature of the process, without it a thermal shock would result, by eliminating heat no distortion or change in temper takes place.

The AD55L features Sodick’s latest LN NC unit which is equipped with the new “TMM3” discharge power supply capable of high speed, high precision  and high efficiency machining.

The rigid linear motor drive is the ideal mechanism that semi-permanently sustains high speed axis movements and instantaneous response using rigid linear motor axis drives and eliminates the need for external flushing.

Extensive training has been given to our toolmakers to ensure our customers get the most out of this equipment. Why not be one of the first to give this new facility a test drive – we think you will be impressed…

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