Borche Injection Moulding Machine


We've Had an Exciting Delivery...

As part of our ongoing investment and expansion plans we’ve recently purchased a new Borche 120 tonne injection moulding machine.

The new machine will add to our existing suite of Borche injection moulding machines and will strengthen our capacity to ensure that we keep up with the increasing demand from both new and existing customers.

This new Borche injection moulding machine will also increase the scope of our injection moulding capabilities. It will provide us with greater versatility and more options when it comes to moulding different types of parts.

It will also provide us with increased operational efficiencies, greater speed of production, and a more streamlined production process.

These cost savings will be passed on to the customers in the form of more competitive pricing and improved lead times.

We have further plans for growth and investment later this year so look out for future announcements.

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