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Honeycomb Ribs for Part Design

Honeycomb ribs for part design are a a simple yet effective way to improve strength and rigidity, and to make the part lighter without affecting functionality or structural integrity of the component.

On areas with thin wall sections, ribs are used to strengthen the walls of the moulded components without increasing wall thickness.

Incorporating ribs into the part design minimises the problems that occur when moulding thick wall sections, including warping and sinking which can lead to the entire design being rejected.

Using ribs to add structural support to a thin wall is an effective way to overcome this design problem whilst increasing the strength of a moulded part.

One of our Automotive customers chose to use honeycomb ribs on their latest application.

This was a particularly complex part which required a lot of attention to detail when it came to both the toolmaking side, and the injection moulding processes.

Our skilled manufacturing professionals managed to produce a part which was incredibly lightweight to the touch, but deceptively strong and resistant.

Our customer was very happy with the component, and has already asked us to produce another batch at an increased volume.

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