RP Technologies Grow Business with Support from Borche UK


RP Teams Up With Injection Moulding Machine Supplier

Leading prototype & production toolmaker and injection moulding supplier, RP Technologies have successfully grown their company over the last 6 years with the continued support from their trusted supplier, Borche UK.

RP Technologies opened their injection moulding facility in 2012 after they saw an increase in demand for injection moulded components. It made good business sense to open the moulding facility so the aluminium prototype tooling they manufactured could be moulded on-site. Offering both services as a package means their customer not only save time and money but they can benefit from a better service including a project life time guarantee on their tooling.

The last 6 years has seen RP grow considerably and the team of directors strongly believe in investing their profits back in to the company to ensure they offer their customer the best service possible. Since opening the moulding facility RP have invested in excess of £500,000 by purchasing eleven brand new injection moulding machines from Borche UK. Ranging from 60 tonne to 600 tonne means they can offer injection mouldings up to 1400mm x 700mm x 600mm with a shot weight of 2.3KG.

The company has seen an increase in requests for larger sized components in the last few months, to meet this demand they have recently purchased the 600-tonne injection moulding machine to increase part size capacity. RP invested in a Hurco CNC machining centre with a bigger machining envelope earlier this year to increase their capability to manufacture larger tooling.

Flexibility is Key

RP manufacture components for an array of industries from automotive to medical to consumer product. Having such a wide customer base involves processing a varied range of materials, including high temperature complex materials that other prototype moulders struggle to process.

Part complexity differs between each tool, from simple open and shut tooling to complex manual tooling that require multiple inserts to form certain features on the component. RP also offer insert moulding and over-moulding, so they need to ensure their machinery has great flexibility and can stand up to the different types of components they manufacture. They also require machines that are quick and easy to set up as well as machines that offer constant repeatability.

Why Borche?

Borche are one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world with an annual production capacity of 10,000 machines. They have three manufacturing sites with a combined production area of 215,000 square meters. The UK market has become a key market for Borche who have thus decided to establish the first overseas subsidiary to support the increasing market share across all sectors.

The recently opened Borche UK Service Centre is located in Kingswinford, it is centrally located to support the company’s customer base throughout the UK and Ireland. The company has a showroom for machine demonstrations, a team of five highly experienced and skilled service engineers together with a comprehensive stock holding of spare parts. Being located on the same trading estate as RP Technologies has meant that RP can continue to strengthen their relationship with the company and they are readily available if spare parts or servicing is required.

Borche injection moulding machines are very precise in terms of shot repeatability and accuracy, which is imperative for RP as they offer high quality, repeatable parts to their customers.

RP Technologies run their moulding facility for 24 hours a day, five days a week meaning they need machines that are energy efficient. Borche injection moulding machines are one of the most efficient on the market due to their servo drive system.

The servo motor driven pump system engineered by Borche integrates the advantages of hydraulics with the control intelligence of servo drives and offers considerable advantages with regards to energy conservation and cycle repeat accuracy, together with a reduction in noise levels and a reduced need for cooling of the hydraulic oil. This enables RP to not only reduce their overheads but also reduce their carbon footprint.

For further information about RP Technologies and their injection moulding capabilities please contact Paul Roe, General Manager on 0121 550 5868.

For further information about Borche UK and their range of machinery please visit https://borche.co.uk/ or contact Terry O’Reilly, Sales Director on 01384 885328.

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