Black Country Guide to Prototyping


Translating Our Local Dialect

Being based in the Black Country we’ve realised a lot of our customers might have trouble understanding us! We thought we’d help you to learn our lingo and teach you a few key phrases that might come in useful when working with us….

“Tool meker”  = tool maker

“It’s only a ickle part” = it’s only a small part

“It’ll only tek a couple or three hours” = It will only take a few hours

When designing a tool…”We cor mek it loike tha” = We can’t make it like that

When looking at a part…”Nice though ay it” = Nice though isn’t it

When sending a quote…”Eer ya goo” = Here you go

Often heard in the tool room…”yow bin bost it ay ya” = you’ve broken it haven’t you?… “It wor me, ar day do it” = It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it!

“Ar got oyl on mi tay shert” = I’ve got oil on my t-shirt

“Yow need to put mowa werter in theya to keep the part cowd” = You need to put more water in there to keep the part cold

And here’s a few extra phrases that you may need…

“Yow cor av ya tay, it ay tay time” = You can’t have your dinner yet, it isn’t dinner time

“Ar bin all round the ‘reekin” = I’ve been all over the place (The Wrekin is a hill in Shropshire)

“Put wud in ‘ole” = Close the door please

“Ar bin” = I am   “Ar bay” = I’m not   “Ar cor” = I can’t

“Tara-a-bit” = Bye for now

We’re looking forward to hearing you practise our lingo!

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