Are You Launching a New Product?


Getting New Products Off the Ground

When launching a new product, whether for oral hygiene, e-mobility, agricultural machinery, special vehicles or any other field, all projects start on a small scale often in the board room or home office. But all projects have the same problem, finding a reliable and competent prototype injection moulding partner who can give support when it comes to material selection, tool design or even filling & temperature analysis.

The team at RP Technologies has experience in all these cases and more. Our broad experience across a wide range of industries gives us invaluable knowledge which can be applied to your project. We take the time to support you, to analyse and if necessary, give advice on how to streamline the prototyping process.

RP have a vast understanding of working with start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and large organisations, our experienced team are dedicated to providing the support that’s required to get your project off the ground.

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