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RP Technologies Support Borche UK with Machine Showcase

RP Technologies are the UK’s leading manufacturer of complex aluminium injection mould tooling along with prototype and production injection moulded components. Through precision engineering combined with a wealth of experience their service offers a fast turnaround of mould tooling & low to medium volume plastic injection moulded components at their manufacturing facility in Kingswinford, UK.

Since RP was founded in 2005, they have equipped their injection moulding facility with state of the art Borche machinery.  As the company has grown and developed over the years RP and Borche UK have developed a close working relationship, which has continued to evolve since Borche opened their UK Sales &  Service Centre on the Pensnett Trading Estate, West Midlands in 2018 which is located a stone’s throw from RP’s facility. Borche UK established their showroom in the West Midlands as it’s an ideal central location to serve their country-wide customer base. They are the preferred supplier to global organisations right through to small independent moulding companies.

Part of their relationship sees RP hosting customer visits on behalf of Borche which showcases the injection moulding machines (IMM’s) and gives the opportunity to see the equipment and its capabilities in a working environment. Hosting customer visits also opens RP up to new audiences, although prospective customers want to purchase Borche machinery for their own facilities, it gives RP the opportunity to showcase their aluminium tooling which is perfect for prototype and product testing – which organisations utilise before manufacturing production tooling and moulding parts in-house.

The Borche range of Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machines are being very well received in the UK and Irish market, the machines have proven to be very reliable, highly repeatable, and extremely energy efficient. In RP’s experience Borche IMM’s are extremely precise in terms of shot to shot repeatability and accuracy which is imperative for offering high quality, repeatable moulded components with demanding tolerances and polymers. The Borche UK team are delighted and proud of the supply partnership they have formed with RP Technologies, who are a very highly respected customer and they look forward to continuing to support further growth and success at RP for many years to come.

RP Technologies Employees

RP Technologies have recently acquired several medical customers and see this as a potential area of growth over the coming months. During the recent COVID-19 lockdown RP were able to support new medical customers by producing tools & mouldings for medical components not only related directly to COVID-19 but also for a wider spectrum of medical devices.  Medical testing and development is critical meaning RP’s prototyping tooling & moulding services fit well within medical product development processes. One of RP’s medical customers developed a tabletop dialysis machine which has been used in COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 ITU’s across the globe during the last few months. It has been uplifting to know that RP’s work has played a positive part during a challenging worldwide pandemic.


If you’d like further information about RP Technologies services please visit or contact Paul Roe on 0121 550 5868.

For further information about Borche’s range of injection moulding machinery please visit or contact Dean Meynell on 01384 885328.

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