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Aquapurge ensure RP Technologies’ Moulding Facility is Clean and Efficient

RP Technologies are the UK’s leading manufacturer of aluminium injection mould tooling along with prototype and production plastic injection moulded components. Through precision engineering combined with a wealth of experience we manufacture tooling for a whole range of industries for either prototype and development or low volume production from our UK based manufacturing facility in the West Midlands.

Our vast experience across different industries has given us valuable knowledge on processing a wide range of materials including PEEK, ABS, PC, PC/ABS, PVC, PET-G, ASA, SAN, PA6, PA66, PPA, PA12, TPE, TPU and many more.

With majority of our tooling being for prototype or short run production, some tools go in the machine to mould 20 samples, then come back out again! Sometimes we can process up to 20 different grades of material each day, all varying in colour and material grade, from standard ABS to high temperature engineering polymers. It’s really important that as part of RP’s injection moulding process we purge our moulding machines between each tool change.

What is purging?

Purging compounds are used in the injection moulding process for eliminating air bubbles, un-melted resins, foreign contaminants, and degraded residues from the machine barrels. Purging the machines cleans the screw and barrel preparing them for the next material and mould tool.

Purging compounds clean machines faster and more efficiently than the traditional cleaning methods such as purging with virgin resin or regrind. Purging compounds have been specifically formulated with cleaning properties while virgin resin or regrind does not have the same cleaning power.

Using a purging compound has become an integral part of the injection moulding process here at RP, not only does it make the moulding facility more efficient and saves money, but we also see the following benefits:

  • Faster material and colour changeovers,
  • Reduced downtime,
  • Fewer rejects,
  • Less material waste,
  • Helps maintain the condition of moulding machines.
Purging Compound Before During After

RP Technologies have developed a close working relationship with Aquapurge, who they purchase purging compounds from.

Aquapurge supply peerless purging compound systems that boost the productivity, profitability, and environmental performance of its customers in plastics processing. John Steadman and Richard Brayne-Nicholls founded Aquapurge in 1994, their story is one of researching, developing, and manufacturing the best possible purging compounds for today’s international plastics processing industry.

The product that RP purchase from Aquapurge is their Barrel Blitz Universal (BBU). BBU is as close to a true universal purging compound for screws, barrels, and nozzles that is currently available. BBU contains stable, self-clearing polymers and Aquapurge’s proprietary Scrubber Concentrate, no other product on the market can come close to the way BBU cleans machines and aids productivity. BBU was developed for unparalleled carbon removal from degraded material and plate-out from concentrated pigments whilst also being effective at colour and material change overs. Injection moulding companies around the world rely on BBU for quick, cheap, and effective cleaning, aiding production managers in their never-ceasing goal of keeping machines working.

When Aquapurge were in the early product development stages with BBU, Paul Roe joined RP to open their injection moulding facility. Paul has a long standing relationship with Aquapurge, which is why they asked RP to trial their new product to ensure it worked and functioned as intended. Paul jumped at the chance to help with the development trials, the moulding facility at RP sees multiple tool, material and temperature changes on a daily basis and they were struggling to find a purging compound that met their requirements. Paul and the team at RP were instantly impressed with the results of BBU, the trial was extremely successful and 9 years later RP still use BBU on a daily basis.

Purging is a vital part of RP’s injection moulding process that customers don’t really hear about. Paul Roe commented “BBU is the only product on the market that will clean our machines to our satisfaction. Sometimes our customers only require 10 parts, so for us to have a fast and efficient way to clean the screw and barrel in between each tool change is imperative to keep our moulding facility working effectively and profitably. Without Aquapurge’s products we would not have such a clean and efficient injection moulding facility. RP’s priority is supplying customers high quality mouldings, and part of this is due to having clean, efficient machines. “

If you have an injection moulding project in the pipeline, get in touch with RP Technologies on 0121 550 5868 to discuss your requirements.

For more information on Aquapurge’s product range, please visit or contact Richard on 0208 813 7990

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