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Amazing Aluminium

We manufacture our prototype tooling from aluminium as it’s extremely robust, cost effective and can be machined quickly to suit prototyping deadlines. Aluminium has a number of great properties and here are 8 facts that you may not already know about this fantastic metal:

Aluminium is the 2nd most widely used metal in the world (after iron)

Aluminium is the 3rd most common element in the Earth’s crust (after Oxygen and Silicon)

With less than 150 years in use, aluminium is one of the youngest commercial metals (compared with 9,000 years that copper has been around)

It is easily recycled and over 70% of the aluminium ever produced, is still in use today. This equates to around 450 million tonnes.

Aluminium is a light material that has a density one third of the density of steel. However it is very strong and ductile.

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Unlike most steel grades, aluminium does not become brittle at low temperatures. Instead, its strength increases.

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat which makes it perfect for processing high temperature polymers such as PEEK, PEI and PPA.
It is highly corrosion resistant due to its oxide natural coating. The thin layer of oxide created when the aluminium reacts with the oxygen allows the metal to resist corrosion and stand up to repeated use.

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