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Training and Development Continues at RP

Phil Beese, RP’s Toolroom Supervisor, recently issued a questionnaire to our machinists. The aim was to empower our employees to tell us how they felt further training could improve their skills.

Phil said: “The training we offer at RP Technologies reflects our ongoing desire to strive for continuous improvement across all aspects of the business. Our people are very important to us. We want them to be as skilled as they can possibly be, so that they are fully engaged, and so that our customers can reap the benefits.”

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We offer an inclusive process at RP, in which we ask our team to help us to determine their training and development needs.

The feedback Phil received was very positive, with several of the team indicating a willingness to pursue further training.

Based upon the information submitted, Phil paired up candidates with similar training needs and organised tuition accordingly.

This week, John Ellis from NCG CAM Solutions Ltd, came to our Kingswinford head office to train nine of our CNC machinists.

NCG CAM provides CAM software solutions to us, and as part of our continued relationship with them, they also offer training in the use of this software.

The initial training session lasted three full days, with a follow-up session planned 4 weeks from now.

This one-month window will give our machinists an opportunity to apply the skills which they have learned, and to address any practical issues that they encounter when the sessions reconvene.

The course was attended by John Walker, one of our CNC machinists. He said: “John was helpful and very informative with any queries we had.” John also remarked that NCG CAM made the process more streamlined, more straightforward, and more efficient.

Using the latest technology and software to increase operational efficiency reflects our commitment to reduce lead times and deliver the best and most timely service possible.

John added: “Using macros and compound drilling will also be beneficial to us when performing repetitive processes such as clamp plates, ejector plates and risers, leaving us just the setting up on machines to do, and bringing in the relevant macros to complete the parts.”

Well done to Luke White, Luke Jones, Andy Dennies, Ken Pitter, Paul Robinson, Carl Townsend, Curt Freer, Calvin Byfield and John Walker! We hope that you found your training useful, and we hope that you benefit from it.

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