High Shine Specialist Finish for Aluminium Tool


High Shine Finish

RP Technologies provides a range of specialist finishing options for each of the tools we manufacture.

Not all tools require specialist finishes, but it may be necessary in some cases to manufacture a tool which has a particular surface finish.

There are multiple finishing options available. The type of finishing option chosen will depend upon the final application of the end component, the functionality that needs to be achieved, its cosmetic requirements, and its performance objectives.

Some of these finishing options include texturing and graining, bead blasting, and engraving.

Aluminium Tool with Mirror Finish

But there are many other options which are also available.

For instance, we were recently asked by a customer of ours to create a tool with a mirror finish. This finishing option was necessary because a gloss finish was needed for the final moulded component.

The benching team in our onsite toolroom were responsible for creating this mirror finish.

The finishing process was long, and involved a lot of dedicated and focused work, where care and attention to detail were essential requirements of the process. The benching team went through different grades of paper, taking the cutter marks out at grade 400, before putting the paper marks in. They then alternated with smoother paper from grades 800 – 2000 until they managed to create a smoother finish.

Polish was then added to achieve the high mirror shine.

In all, the polishing process took about a week to complete.

Our customer was extremely happy with the finished results.

Want to Know More?

If you’d like to find out more about our many finishing options, please visit  https://rptechnologies.co.uk/aluminium-tooling-finishes.

This link contains some of our most regularly employed finishes, but it is by no means a comprehensive list of all our finishing options. So, if you can’t find the particular type of finish you’re looking for, please email info@rptechnologies.co.uk, or call +44 (0)121 550 5868.

You can also read our technical article, ‘Decorative Finishes in Toolmaking.’ This article examines the function of decorative finishing, how it is achieved, and what types of products benefit from this these finishes.

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