Busy Times for RP’s CNC Machining Department


CNC Machining Success

RP Technologies’ CNC Machining Department is going through an incredibly busy period.

We’ve received a large amount of CNC machining projects in the past couple of months. Our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centres have been inundated with prototype and low-medium volume production orders.

Demand has been so great that we have had to employ two new CNC Machinists to ensure that we meet our commitment on lead times.

This increased workload comes at an opportune time. At the end of last year, RP Technologies invested in a new state-of-the-art 5-axis Hurco CNC machining centre.

The #Hurco VMX60SRTi has an advanced Ultimotion feature for reduced cycle time, enhanced version 10 software, and an ergonomically designed control console.

It’s the perfect CNC machining partner for prototype or low-medium volume components.

In addition to this increased CNC activity, we’ve also seen a rapid increase in tooling orders. Things have been so busy that we’ve had to recruit new toolmakers just to stay ahead of the curve.

Our mould shop has been the main beneficiary of this increased demand for tooling, with plastic injection mouldings suddenly being required from these new tools.

So, all things considered, it’s been a busy old time at RP. Having said all of that, we’re still very much open for business!

If you have any CNC machining, plastic injection moulding, or aluminium tooling requirements, please do not hesitate to call +44 (0)121 550 5868.

Thank you for your continued support.

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