Aluminium Tooling Benefits

Benefits of Aluminium Tooling

What are the benefits of aluminium tooling, and what makes RP your ideal manufacturing partner when it comes to producing this type of tooling?

RP Technologies has been making aluminium tooling for the production of low-medium volume plastic injection moulded components since 2005.

We have a team of specialist toolmakers who have a vast amount of experience and expertise in making tools of different shapes, sizes, specifications, and complexities. 

Our aluminium injection mould tooling supports prototype, pre-production, and production volumes.

Each tool is assigned a dedicated in-house experienced technician. Our team of CAD Designers, CAM Engineers and Quality Engineers have full operational involvement throughout the entire process, from initial tool design right through to the production of the completed component.

Benefits of Aluminium Tooling

Aluminium tooling has a number of different benefits: 

  • Cost effective solution compared to steel tooling
  • Ease of modification over time
  • We store the tool at no extra cost at our secure storage facility
  • Capable of producing a high number of plastic injection moulded components
  • As a softer metal, aluminium is easier and faster to machine than some other metals
  • For high glass surface finishes, it can be polished more quickly
  • Aluminium has better thermal conductivity than steel, meaning there is the potential for reduced cycle times, which allows for shorter lead times as well as cost savings
  • Some modern grades of aluminium are just as strong as steel
  • At RP, our aluminium tooling belongs to the customer
  • Once it reaches the end of its lifecycle, aluminium tooling can be recycled for reuse, making it a more environmentally sustainable form of production tooling


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