Aluminium Tooling Capabilities

Our Tooling Capabilities

Aluminium injection mould tooling to support prototype, pre-production, and production volumes. 

  • Single or multi cavity tools
  • Bridge tooling
  • In-house tool design and manufacture
  • High complexity
  • Cavities up to 1400mm x 700mm x 600mm
  • Hot runner feed systems
  • Steel cavities/features
  • Threads (internal and external)
  • Internal undercuts
  • Sliding, hydraulic and manual cores
  • Finishes, including texturing, engraving, graining, polishes and VDI finish
  • EDM Engineering – spark erosion to achieve high precision intricate detail
  • Fast delivery – we have launched a new fast turnaround service called RP Rapid, which supplies tooling and parts in as little as 7 business days
  • Bolster inserts or full tooling
  • Capable of producing a high number of parts depending on choice of plastic material
  • Tools have cooling/heating circuits
  • Ease of tool modification over time
  • Good for heat dissipation
  • Aerospace grade aluminium

We have a 25,000 sq. ft. purpose-built production facility where all our aluminium tooling is manufactured.

We have the latest cutting-edge CNC machines and technology, and a team of highly experienced, extremely competent CAM engineers. We use the latest CNC machine tool technology from Hurco. These machines have been carefully chosen to increase efficiency and improve accuracy. They are some of the most agile machines in the marketplace. 


We have 20 CNC machines in total, 18 of which are 3-axis, and 2 which is 5-axis. The latest addition to our CNC Tool Room is the Hurco VMX60SRTi 5 Axis Machining Centre, which we recently purchased in January 2023. This new machine will increase production capacity, enhance the quality of our output, and improve efficiencies for our customers.

We also have a Sodick AD55L spark erosion machine, which is supervised by our own in-house qualified EDM Engineers. Spark erosion is an invaluable part of our aluminium toolmaking process, and it allows us to precision machine complex contours and shapes in order to prepare the tool for the creation of complex plastic injection moulded components.

We also have:

  • XYZ Turret Milling Machines with DROs
  • Micro Laser Welder
  • CNC Lathe
  • Heat Shrink Tooling for Accurate Cutter Holding
  • Fully Enclosed Extracted Graphite Machines


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