Recycling for World Environment Day


RP’s Commitment to Recycling Excellence Continues

As we prepare for World Environment Day on Wednesday 5th June, we thought it would be worthwhile to point out that we take our environmental responsibilities as a manufacturer very seriously here at RP Technologies.

As a toolmaking, CNC machining, and injection moulding operation, we produce metal, aluminium, and plastic waste as part of our daily production processes.

We’re fully committed to recycling every last bit of metal or plastic that doesn’t get used in the products which we produce.

This commitment has led to us partnering with a number of our customers to recycle redundant tools which are obsolete and for which there is no longer any requirement.

This activity has led to the recycling of over 300 aluminium tools. During times when raw materials have become scarcer to source and the price of aluminium is increasing all the time, we believe that making aluminium available for reuse will make a big difference to our supply chain partners, the wider industry, and the overall environment.

In addition to this, we also recycle our excess plastic material. In September 2022, we teamed up with our latest environmental partner, MBA Polymers, to recycle plastic material from our injection moulding projects.

Since working with MBA, RP Technologies has recycled over 3.25 tonnes of plastic. This has saved this plastic waste from going to landfill and has allowed it to be repurposed for secondary use elsewhere.

Red Pieces of Excess Plastic Trimmings

This is a fantastic achievement in what has been approximately only a year and a half of working with MBA.

Material which cannot be repurposed, either because it is not suitable or because it contains mixed constituents, is shredded, and processed to separate the good single grade material. Any material which cannot be separated is used as an alternative source of fuel.

Overall, our work in this area has allowed us to improve our carbon footprint and to contribute, in our small part, to making the earth a greener, more sustainable place.

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